Tree Surgeon in Durham

Something are best learned by getting up close with the job. A Tree Surgeons learns about Tree Removal, Hedge Cutting and Stump Removal over several years of hands on experience. In Durham Stan Timmins and Sons Ltd are highly qualified, trained and experienced in such matters.

They are also ready to offer their services at competitive prices. Trees take several years to develop properly, hence you should not just hire a surgeon based solely on the cost aspect of things. Here are 5 things that you should definitely consider.

1. Education: Tree Felling may not seem a very technically complex thing to learn but there are finer points about the job that must be known. Letting a green horn take the saw to your trees is not the best decision. Arboricultural training is available at colleges across the length and breadth of the UK and students completing courses at these colleges are a better alternative over amateurs.

2. Experience: The only thing that is better than education is experience. Garden Services and Commercial Tree Services that have been operational for years in Durham should definitely be higher up on your list of alternatives. Thankfully we happen to have an experienced team who are not only well educated but are heavily experienced as well.

3. Insurance: Accidents are unpredictable and even the very best of professionals with the best safety equipment in place can experience the unforeseen. Forestry contractors, gardeners and arborists need to have insurance in order to cover up for damages that may inadvertently occur. A good tree surgeon should possess the necessary cover to protect you from damages. As they say, it is always better to be safe than sorry, so never shy away from getting Tree Reportswhenever possible to ensure that your trees are in a safe condition.

4. Prices: Tree surgeons with very little experience compete with the experienced surgeons purely on price. Your trees are precious so don’t let anybody cut them down without considering everything in detail first.

5. References: Stan Timmins and Sons Ltd have been working across the north east for a number of years. We have many references when it comes to Tree Services we would be only too happy to supply you with. When it comes to Arboriculture we’ve got you covered. If you are ever in need of a Site Clearance service provider in Durham get in touch with us on 01670 825089 or 07966 207 280 for more information.

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