Tree Surgeon in Gateshead

The best tree services that you can find in Gateshead are the ones that are offered by arborists trained at the best colleges across the UK. You will agree that there is a lot to know about trees and the only way to know about that is either by learning about the process through an apprenticeship with a qualified competent arboricultural contractor or learning about the entire process at college.

Many choose the second option and upon completion of their courses they offer their services at very competitive prices. Stan Timmins and Sons Ltd offer the best of both worlds, as their team have attended both college and also have years of experience in the industry. The team at Stan Timmins and Sons Ltd are highly trained and experienced arborists.

Tree Reports will provide you with the necessary information about the condition of your trees including their health, any defects which may be causing problems as well as an issues they may pose to their surroundings. This will allow you to make informed decisions about the Tree Services and Site Clearanceworks that are required.

Tree Surgeons with expansive knowledge about their job will be able to give you competitive prices on Garden Services, Tree Felling and Commercial Tree Services at the most competitive rates and also offer you the advantage of insurance to take care of any mishaps and accidents should one occur during the process. Stan Timmins and Sons Ltd are fully insured with a £5m public and £10m employer liability policy. In addition to this, we also hold a £1m professional indemnity policy for Arboricultural Consultancy.

The very best of Tree Removal, Hedge Cutting and Stump Removal services can be offered only be a Tree Surgeon who is an expert with knowledge of how trees grow, tree diseases and knowledge of everything else in between. Probably the first thing you should check when hiring tree surgeons is whether or not they possess insurance to cover up for any damage which may occur while cutting or trimming trees, the second thing you must ensure is they hold the relevant academic qualifications to undertake tree work.

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