Tree Surgeon in Gosforth

Do you have a tree at your home or business in Gosforth that urgently needs pruned or is dying? Perhaps it looks like it could use the services of an arborist but you are not really sure whether you should be hiring one yet. In that case, if you live in Gosforth you can easily get us to come over and give you a Tree Report and undertake a survey to determine if any Tree Services or Site Clearance works are required. We will always offer our customers fair and unbiased advice about the health and possible works needed to your trees.

As a customer you should always make a pint to hire the best possible experts when looking for a team for Garden Services, Tree Felling or Commercial Tree Services. This way you will keep amateurs at bay and actually contribute to the welfare of the trees on your property.

Inexperienced arborists can sometimes overlook factors when trimming and pruning trees which can lead to issues or mishaps. In serious cases, you may be prosecuted by the Council for not acquiring the relevant permission and consents on time before letting a Tree Removal or Hedge Cutting company on your premises to prevent possible pitfalls it’s best to get in touch with the council and request their permission in writing to ensure a tree does not fall under a TPO (Tree Preservation Order). You may live in a conservation area, if so you will need to get in touch with the Council and obtain their permission before allowing a Tree Surgeon to undertake any works on your property. Always follow proper procedures and get permissions and consent in writing from the local Council unless you wish to be potentially liable for fines.

We are also offer a Stump Removal service and can remove all unsightly tree stumps from your property.

The team is covered by employer liability insurance ensuring that all outcomes are encompassed should an unforeseen event occur. Public Liability Insurance is also important lest an accident happens. The team are heavily trained in health and safety and hold all the relevant qualifications to ensure that works are carried out with as little as possible disturbance and damage to the surrounding area or properties.

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