Tree Surgeon in Whickham

Trees share a lot of similarities with humans. They are vulnerable to diseases, they need to be cared for and tended to be kept in perfect shape. Tree Surgeons either learn after spending years doing the work or by learning about it at college, which teaches Tree Removal, Hedge Cutting and Stump Removal among other things.

Either way, a qualified Tree Surgeon will be able to give you Tree Services, Site Clearance and Tree Reports so that you can make better, more informed decisions about the trees in your garden or on your property.

Tree removal, pruning and felling are all different services that are offered by tree surgeons, so if you are not entirely sure about your own personal needs, have a survey conducted. Site Clearance reports are necessary when you have to remove trees or vegetation on your property to make way for new buildings. Also, it is always good to have reports generated for the trees on your property in order to understand the condition of the trees as well as to gain an understanding of any works that are required.

People often take short cuts in order to save money by hiring amateurs with little to no experience in tree felling and surgery and even less when it comes to preserving and caring for trees. Trees are sensitive living objects and they need to be cared for. Excessive pruning and cutting is more likely to do more harm than any good to the tree. Our services are very reasonably priced and our trained teams are concerned with the need to keep your existing trees healthy and well. We would always try to save a tree rather fell one where possible

Looking for Garden Services, Tree Felling and Commercial Tree Services in Whickham with a good standing among customers and a long experience in Whickham then think Stan Timmins and Sons Ltd.

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